Health, Safety & Environment

No matter what stage your safety program is at, provides solutions that simplify and organize your daily safety functions.  Documents, tools, and resources stored securely for you to access at your convenience.  Some of the benefits and features include:

  • Storage of safety documentation for optimum compliance
  • Ability to create reports for incidents, inspections, and safety communications with simple step-by-step instructions
  • Add corrective actions in any module, to ensure hazards are properly mitigated and controlled
  • Create, manage and store SDS documents for GHS specific to your needs
  • Notifications for expiry of employee safety training
  • Search, generate, and share reports in one easy-to-use File Cabinet
  • Organize important info, reports or photos in the Daily Logbook function
  • Maintain a Risk Register that keeps an action point list for each user, summarizing resolved and unresolved corrective actions
  • Incident Calculations for TRIF and other important calculations for bidding jobs
  • Manage, store and request prequalification documents, certificates of insurance, and other documents to ensure compliance with subcontractors and clients
  • Resource section to access articles, documents, necessary OHS legislation, company specific forms and checklists, and much more 
  • Maintain your COR (Certificate of Recognition) program and prepare for audits with our centralized suite of modules
  • Manage, store and share Emergency Preparedness Plans and Emergency Contact information


Insurance & Risk Financing

Depending on the complexity of your organization, a good risk management program should evaluate what hazards and losses your operation is most susceptible to, and how to transfer those losses appropriately, depending on risk appetite.  Transferring of risk offers many options, from traditional commercial insurance to creating a captive insurance program for non-traditional, hard to place coverages, or risks that are decidedly better to manage in-house.  Some of the benefits and features include:

  • Storage of insurance policies, agreements and contracts
  • Manage assets and associated insurance expirations with expiry notifications
  • Ensure subcontractor insurance compliance, and manage their documentation in one centralized location
  • Access insurance industry resources from Industry Partners
  • Simply request Certificates of Insurance directly from your insurance broker


Human Resources & Training

The team is committed to providing solutions for your organization's Human Resources and Training needs.  In an ever changing economy, it is essential to attract, hire and retain the right employees.  Our platform provides solutions that will allow your HR & Safety professionals to efficiently hire and train your workforce, while maintaining a centralized system to maintain your employees' safety training records.  Some of the solutions and features include:

  • Simplify the on-boarding process, with centralized document storage and functions
  • Request safety training quotes, and schedule training for your employees
  • Maintain safety and business training records and access a powerful training matrix
  • Color coded notifications for training expirations, reducing non-compliance due to expired safety training
  • Access articles, tips and other Resources uploaded by Industry Partners in similar industries
  • Simplify the on-boarding process, with centralized document storage and functions
  • Make hiring and on-boarding of employees a simpler process, with all tasks and functions in one centralized location.