Insurance & Risk Financing

Depending on the complexity of your organization, a good risk management program should evaluate what hazards and losses your operation is most susceptible to, and how to transfer those losses appropriately, depending on risk appetite.  Transferring of risk offers many options, from traditional commercial insurance suppliers to creating a captive insurance program for non-tradtional, hard-to-place coverages, or risks that are decidedly better to manage in-house.  Some of the solutions and benefits that our platform provides include:
  • Storage of insurance policies, agreements and contracts
  • Manage assets and associated insurance expirations with expiry notifications
  • Ensure subcontractor insurance compliance, and manage their documentation in one centralized location
  • Access Insurance Industry resources
  • Simply request Certificates of Insurance from your insurance broker
  • Access experienced insurance professionals to review and help optimize your insurance program, to get the most protection possible.  We have also developed relationships with Industry Partners to provide additional services for your benefit (Captive Insurance solutions, self-insured programs and alternative risk financing solutions)


For a thorough consultation and evaluation of your insurance program, please contact us via email: