Human Resources & Training

The team is committed to providing solutions for your organization's Human Resources and Training needs.  In an ever changing economy, it is essential to attract, hire and retain the right employees.  Our platform provides solutions that will allow your HR/Safety professionals to efficiently hire and train your workforce, while maintaining a centralized system to maintain your employees' safety training records.  Some of the solutions and features include:
  • Find new employees by searching resumes that are uploaded by Industry Partners
  • Request safety training quotes, and allow our team to arrange the safety and business training for your workforce
  • Maintain employee safety training records in the easy-to-use Training Matrix
  • Simply view color coded notifications for training expirations on your training matrix, and never let your workforce be non-compliant due to expired training again
  • Access articles, tips and other Resources uploaded by Industry Partners in similar industries
  • Simply schedule training for your employees
  • Make hiring and on-boarding of employees a simpler process, with all tasks and resources in one centralized location


Contact us directly for on-site consultation services including, but not limited to, on-boarding and safety training that is customized to your organization . . .