Health, Safety & Environment

Whether your organization is a large municipality or a small contractor, can help you to create or enhance your safety management system,  no matter what stage it is at.  If you are just starting, let us serve as your risk department.  If you have several safety professionals across many divisions, can help centralize and standardize your program.  Some of the solutions and features include:
  •  Storage of safety documentation in one centralized, secure location for optimum compliance
  •  Ability to create reports for incident and investigation reporting, workplace safety inspections and safety communications
  •  Add corrective actions in any module, to ensure hazards are immediately identified and properly treated and controlled
  •  Create, manage and store SDS documents for GHS specific to the environmental needs of your respective industry and operation
  •  Expiry notifications for employee' safety training
  •  Search, generate and share reports from the easy-to-use File Cabinet
  •  Record site information, reports, photos or any relevant information in the daily Logbook function
  •  Maintain an action point list of all resolved and unresolved corrective actions for each user/employee, summarized in the Risk Register
  •  Calculate TRIF and other lagging indicators for bidding jobs and analyzing subcontractor performance
  •  Manage, store and request prequalification documents, agreements and other safety documentation to ensure optimum compliance with subcontractors and clients
  •  Access the Resource section, a storage library for industry articles, OH&S legislation, company specific forms & checklists, and much more
  •  Maintain and manage COR (Certificate of Recognition) with the suite of modules and resources on the platform
  •  Request safety training quotations, and allow us to arrange the safety training requirements for your organization
  •  Organize employee safety training records and expiry notifications with the easy-to-use Training Matrix


Contact us directly for on-site consulting services including, but not limited to, customized safety training, site inspections,pre-audit COR evaluation, safety program evaluation/creation, rent-a-safety professional and much more . . .