About Us

RiskDept.com is a membership based safety and risk management system.  Our platform provides tools and resources to help safety advisors, loss control professionals, risk managers, project managers, HR professionals, insurance managers, and business leaders with their daily risk related functions.  With access to safety, insurance and HR functions in one secure location,  daily tasks are more organized and work flow is streamlined.

Our experienced management team has a wide range of experience in safety, risk management, insurance and loss control, as well as human resources management and training.  Although the portal is designed to be a versatile and self sufficient system, we can also offer field support with boots on the ground, if needed.  Working on a project basis, we are always happy to explore ways to reduce and mitigate risks in an effort to help our clients to be more profitable.  The level of commitment an organization has with respect to their risk management function is directly proportional to profitability and, ultimately, a safer and healthier workplace.

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To request information on consulting services or pricing details, reach out to us via email info@riskdept.com.